Are you overwhelmed and not sure where to start on your home project?

“Shelly was able to identify what we wanted when we didn’t know ourselves.” K. Alman, Shoreview, MN

Are you ready for YOUR adventure?

I let you be in charge.
You tell me what you like, what you don’t like.
You tell me what you want and what you don’t want.


Curious about your color story? What colors make you thrive? What colors help you relax? What colors can help your prosperity? What colors will deepen your relationships? Broad strokes of color or narrow bands of a specific hue.


Mid-century, turn of the century, contemporary and artistic applications give your home a timeless charm and anchor the style without dating the space, when done right. Tile is a commitment and one you won’t regret day after day. Porcelain, ceramic, glass and stone, even metal will bring a grounding presence and stability to any room decor.

Signature Room Design

A signature room design is in layers. A collage of textures, color and pattern, arranged in a way that makes sense for how you and your family live. Welcome your guests, enjoy your daily routines and be happy in the house you have made home for years to come.

My Promise to you

I promise to come to the project with the sense of adventure, empowerment and fun.

Will it have the impact you are looking for?

I know how to make it what you want.

I communicate the vision for you.