This week, a delightful client recieved a voluptuous valance, rich with texture, lush color and delicious details. 


I knew when I first experienced the home she shares with her husband, this would be a fun playground to explore! When she asked me to design her window treatments I was honored and thrilled, as she is an accomplished creative in her own right, having just completed a program in fashion design. Her personality is warm, invigorating and expressive. Yes, we would definitely have fun!


The first project we did together was to address a design challenge in her master bedroom. It was completed with great success and that is a full post in and of itself. Life isn’t linear, so I needn’t limit myself to a linear recall. I promise to share that one later.


The upper hall, has a window at the top of the stairs. The return of the valance is visible as one ascends. The walls are a vibrant, deep, mulberry, magenta and very yummy!

Valance return detail pre install

Because, coats are a design passion, I wanted to have fun with the elements of a finely made coat… the valance features 9 covered fabric buttons in all, with a truly decadent cut velvet of rasbperry, mulberry, gold and green scrolling color on a lacy ground of creamy gray jacquard and gray.


When I found the fabric. I knew that was it! I presented only one fabric, with no design, just a silhouette of the concept… and it was love at first sight for her as well. She emphatically moved forward.


We are now moving on to the LIving room expression, which is design worthy in its own right… but that too, is another discussion.


What do you have in your home that expresses your passion?  A welcome respite from the gray-white of winter. Something to warm your heart and inspire your soul…..what is it? Discover it!


My practice has shown me I love to inspire, discover and empower the expression of your soul! You  can trust it, your soul will never lead you astray. That is the expression of my soul, to empower you along the path of yours.


Happy Valentine’s Day! Love yourself, Love your Life, Love your HOME!