Yes, colors are a language. Every color, shade, tint, hue and variation is a specific frequency of light. That light changes with its surroundings and other variables. The context in which color is experienced is influenced and subjective.


For me, color vibration is a reflection of a specific emotional vibration. Everything from the various feelings of love, desire, compassion, sensuality, the kind of love you have for your grandmother, your brother, your dog, your best friend, love is love, but it has variations and nuances.

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The love I have for my brother is most likely a different recipe than the love you have for your brother. But there is a color that matches that unique emotional connection. When a situation is frustrating, or an overall feeling of malais during dreary winter months sets in, there is a color that communicates that.

When I design a room, or even a color palette for you, we talk about your life, your relationships, the activities and tasks you experience in a particular space. It is this dialogue and how you express your life that I get a color impression and a palette develops.


A color palette that reflects your values, instilled by your past, your preferences, what you are experiencing today, your distractions and your dreams all influence the unique color recipe for your home.

The information is communicated to me energetically. I never need set foot in your space. Only to have a conversation with you, on the phone or a video conferencing platform. Photos of the space help me by confirming the vision that is formulating and clarifying details that may not be of primary importance, but will impact the balance of the space.

The time of day you usually use the room, the light source and its direction are also critical details in specifying the perfect palette. A color palette that is energetically balanced to who you are, the home you live in and the life you are living and creating.

Color palettes done by me, for you are like no others, and no other experience with a color consultant. 

It is an adventure in self discovery and an experience that keeps giving every time you enter or think of the room.

Each color has a vibration and is carefully selected to morph into the color vibration required by you and how it is affected by its surroundings (light and other color) So, we may be going for a specific green and painting a different green to get the result. It is a sort of intuitive science.

Paint manufacturers DO matter. Every paint company has a different base. A formula unique to them, the colorants may be universal, but the starting point, the base, white, medium or dark varies from Benjamin Moore to Behr.


To most people the visual differnces is undetectable. To me, it is a vibrational variation that can read as too much purple or too much yellow and that may be the tipping point for changing the color message.

As each color has a vibration, an emotional partner (which is different with each person, remember, how I love my brother, is different than how you love your brother) when the colors are strung together in a natural progression of wall color, furniture, fabric, etc. a story gets created. Even bringing in a vase of fresh flowers will change the message, slightly or by adding a whole new chapter.

Colors of new beginnings and colors of resting earth, colors of nourishing and encouragment, colors of brilliance and ideas, there are so many stories to be told, so many chapters to be written, adventures to be had and discoveries to be made, what are you waiting for?

A full palette of wall and ceiling color for new construction in Pine City MN.

A full palette of wall and ceiling color for new construction in Pine City MN.

This is my style of design, my approach. So it doesn’t matter if you are contemporary or tradtional, mid-century or old world antiques, the story your room and your home tell about you is a discovery of intentional and connected elements that are a visual collage of you, in this moment, who you have been, who you are and who you are becoming.

Design is an investment. My philosophy is one of longevity. Details specific enough for who you are, with broad enough strokes to support the unknown, built in flexibility for trends and unexpected detours that show up in life, even a surprise opportunity that makes moving to a new space the most logical next step. With a strong enough message, your home will attract the perfect attendant, the next steward and become the springboard for someone else’s great life. And you, in your new space, get to redefine you again.. you have the opportunity to see things you hadn’t considered before and choose a whole new direction.

Maybe your next home will be a completely different style? Design the adventure your on with intent.

Paint detail for inside cabinets in DR

Paint detail for inside cabinets in DR