Color preference is a very personal choice. Our preferences are rooted in our experiences. It is an emotional response.

Psychologically, it has been found, that an aversion to a color, or a strong preference for a color, is based on a memory. We may have long forgotten the memory that initiated the response, it may be too painful to recall. So our mind replaces the memory with a color association. It is less traumatic and less painful. Although, unfortunate, for the many values the color may have for our full self expression. If it is a happy memory, the color also elicits the happiness felt, whenever we see that color.

Color is a healing tool. It can be a safe way for us to heal our emotions and bring in energies or vibrations that we are less comfortable expressing in our lives.

Color after all, is a vibration. It is the visible part of ‘the’ spectrum that contains sound waves, gamma waves, color waves, radio waves, ultraviolet waves, etc.

It is a minicsule part of a much larger vibrational symphony that is going on in the universe. Our body is a sensor. We have the ability to see color spectrum with our eyes, we can hear the portion of the sound waves with our ears, our bodies are transparent to X-rays, we can experience goose bumps at the slightest change in the air. For those who have a compromised ‘sensor’ such as blindness or hearing loss, the other senses become more senstive to make up for the missing abilities. A blind person often times has a much more accute sense of hearing or a sense when others are present.

Isolating the portion of the spectrum that is visible, the color spectrum, which is really light, vibrating at a frequency to be detected by the sensory systems in our bodies. Some of us, can actually feel color, while others can hear or taste it. These abilitys are a genetic condition called synesthesia.

I beleive we all have an ability to detect color and the other vibrations throughout our bodies, many are just not consciously aware of the ability. Developing these abilities will enrich our experience of the surrounding world we have created. Instilling in us a new level of appreciation, respect and stewardship towards that environment and our reality.