Are you a Do it Yourself type? Like to do your own thing in your own home? Perhaps you love shopping for products and finding the best price on materials? Some people seem to have a ‘flair’ or a ‘knack’ for certain aspects of it. You may very well have a clear vision in your mind about how you want the backsplash tile in your new kitchen to look or maybe the bathroom floor is an obvious choice, but what about the rest of it?

How well can you go into your minds eye and distinguish all of the surrounding objects, placement, scale, texture and color? Is that vision consistent with the quality of lighting you currently have, or will you need to address the lighting in the space you are renovating? Is the space appearing larger in your minds eye than it is in reality? Is there too much contrast between surfaces? Is there not enough contrast? Is the intensity of the colors appropriate to the space and the surface applications?

Visionary skills are important in any design project. They are essential for the planning stages and ensure a predictable and successful outcome. With a clear vision even the surprises can be mastered with ease. When you clearly have identified the inherent properties of the design elements, their placement and the relationships between them, when surprises arise, alternatives are easily recognized and solutions are implemented with minimal delay.

With these principles actively engaged with your project the experience is sure to be one of great success and enjoyment. An experienced design professional, can often times assist you with confirming your ideas and show you things that most overlook, before you get there, saving you time, money and stress. Without these skills, hiring a design professional will give you the peace of mind that is going to make life that much easier as your space is being transformed and you know you are being guided to make the best decisions for your project and your lifestyle, right now and for later.