Drapery design is one of my favorite past times. Having been in the industry for most of my working career… thinking outside the box is something that keeps me interested. An appreciation for the classics is also key. There is so much to learn from the tried and true. Classic lines, perfect proportions, sometimes the new trends send these things off.

The latest trends aren’t necessarily the best design. They are refreshing and different, but in a design sense… their success is for a space and personality that is sometimes very limited.

Designs are for people and for spaces. Everyone is different, a unique expression with dreams and desires unlike their neighbors.

These draperies are  textures and colors that are soft, inviting with textures that are natural and refreshing. The underlying theme of the kitchen, dining and living area is of a mountain retreat. A clear blue sky, moss greens, mellow golds and reflective water hues dapple the  landscape of walls, backlash tile, even stair risers hold a surprise of color.

I can hardly wait to share the completed project that commences at the end of May… stay tuned for sneak peaks at the other elements that bring the great outdoors into this home.