Did you know that draperies are good for insulation, provide privacy and protect the finishes in your room?

Many fabrics made from soy, hemp and tencel inherently protect and block UV rays and are rapidly renewable. Hemp needs no insecticide, herbicides or pesticides, and crowds out other weeds. The crops are good for the earth, no harsh chemicals are used in the growth or manufacture of this strong and luxurious fabric. It has the hand of linen. The dyes, while I am doing more research on these, appears that they too meet strict standards in the eco-friendly world.

Soy fabrics are made from by-products of the food industry, the hulls of the soybean itself. Although, there is controversy about the growing practices of soy in this country, more research is needed to determine the best source for this silky textile.

Tencel is made from the pulp of responsibly forested trees. It too, is a strong fiber and is widely used in textiles.

Much of my research has resulted in apparel applications, however, there are ‘green’ fabrics out there for use in interiors, both residential and contract!

There isn’t a lot out there for ‘green drapery’ options,  window treatments are a beautiful way to make a statement in a room, contemporary, traditional or a style all your own… it is a mark of professionalism and finishing touch in a home or elegance and polish to a contract space.

More information will be showing up as we continue to develop a window dressing program at Shelly’s Design Studio. Right now custom draperies are available. I would be delighted to bring samples to your home and design a beautiful window dressing for your home.

Let me know, are you missing window treatments? What are your thoughts on them? Do you want them green? Do you want them traditional? While blinds and shades are nice for function, often times, they do nothing for the design in a room. They can look harsh and become a focal point because of their size and color options. Draperies, valances and other options can finish and soften the rectangular blocks that can overpower a room.

What are your thoughts on window treatments of today? What do you like? What are you missing? What do you want in a window treatment? Have you discovered the benefits for yourself?  I would love to hear from you.