There are a great deal of shifts, changes and transformations happening at Shelly’s Design Studio, especially in the coming months.

A big move in progress, purging and reorganizing. There  will be a great deal of restructuring going on in the the follow few months. Some things will look different, somethings will feel different and some things will look the same, but be different. There is a great deal of cross-pollination going on as goals become more defined and the pathway to get there becomes clear and free of debris.

Like any project, a good plan to start with will make the plans and actions much easier to carry out. With a solid plan, as changes in the game come up, the intentions and integrity of the objective is clear, so making choices is easy – and fast. Homework has already been done, it is just a matter of stopping at the stop sign, and turning onto the appropriate path. Detours are a given in life, construction crops up everywhere, but when you know where you are going, you get there eventually.