Color Stories Palettes for Where you Live and Work

Color Stories created for any room in your home, an area or suite of rooms, or your whole house! A masterpiece of intentionally selected and placed color for the way you live and work. Color that will enhance and sooth your daily routines. Supporting your body, mind and spirit. A holistic blueprint of color with you, your home and your lifestyle in mind. 

The perfect colors for your home and for you!

Here is what you get:

  • A one to one discussion with me regarding your space. Either in person or via telephone.
  • When available, large samples (Benjamin Moore is my palette of choice, however, if you prefer a different paint manufacturer, just let me know and I will specify from that palette, if you want to know the why and how check out this blog post explaining my process) labeled for you and your painter to know where the colors go.
  • A digital format of the colors for electronic reference and convenience
  • a rationale, the why behind the color selections and their impact on you, your home and other colors and textures in the space.
  • where they are to be placed
  • tips and strategies to manage the energy transition into a new palette and prepare for the emotional transitions inherent with color transformation.

Feng Shui isn’t the only way to move energy or chi in your home! The power of color surrounds us everyday.

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