Kitchen and Bath Redesign and Remodel Package

The two rooms in the home that are the most frequently used and the crown jewels of style are the kitchens and the bath. Rooms that get used every day, more than once, by anyone and almost everyone, guests included. Essential statements for households that entertain and enjoy life, the kitchen, and the bath are rooms that will give you the greatest return on your investment, the most joy from your daily rituals and welcome your guests into your home.

Selecting the best finishes for the way you live, how dark and light will the countertops, floor and cabinets be? Having enough lighting is important and storage where you need it, the mental checklist goes on and on.

You want a kitchen that works, is an expression of you and the way you cook. Not only for the daily routines and meals but for entertaining and special occasions too. A kitchen that isn’t trendy, makes sense in your house. A kitchen that doesn’t compete with your food, The layout makes sense for your activities and routines, a place you want to be.

I would highly recommend working with Shelly on any design project. She listened to who we were and was very helpful in guiding us to make decisions she knew fit what we wanted best. She was helpful in narrowing down product choices so it was not too overwhelming for us.

K. Alman

St. Paul, MN

You want your bathroom to make sense with the style of your home. To reflect the values and the design elements of the era when it was built. This is the key to timeless design. You don’t want it to look dated, not now and not in another ten years. You want it to look like it belongs.

Your investment in your home should give you a good return, not limit your buyers when you do decide to sell. Not overpriced for your neighborhood, but one of the most desirable properties available when you do choose to move on.

These are specialty spaces of transformation and pleasure many of my clients enjoy. The before and after of a good kitchen transformation is inspiring and no two are alike. What can we conjure with yours?

Every project is as fun as the people I get to work with. Kitchens are the most rewarding for me, as they impact the daily life of my client more than any other room I design for them.

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