Signature Room Design

The patches of test color are still on your walls in the living room from 3 months ago. Which one are you going to be able to live with? Could you really do a whole room of that color?

The chair that you ordered six weeks ago was just delivered yesterday and… ooh, it is not quite what you thought it was going to be. Now what?

You know how you want your finished room to look and feel, but it just isn’t coming together.

What you thought was going to be a fun project is now turning into an energy drain and a stress maker. Augh!

Working with a professional doesn’t mean you give up control.  You surrender to the process, allowing a seasoned and experienced person take care of the details for you.

I am that seasoned person. I have focused on specific areas of design and learned the specifics of the trades to design layers of intricate details that are missed by many.

It is your vision.

I help you distinguish it and organize the details, implementing them, always keeping the big picture in mind. This approach keeps the vision intact, gets to the precise and peculiarities that make your design you.

Every layer and detail of the room is addressed and assessed. Working with what you have, knowing what you want, clearly defines what you need.

I know how to do that. Floor covering, wall finishes, lighting, furnishings and accessories all make the room your signature style with my signature approach.

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