Tile, Glass and Stone

My top three signature elements list is complete with tile holding the final position.

Tile is the greatest style commitment of the three, as replacing it can be costly and a real pain.

>When you have a design that makes sense for your home, looks like it has always belonged there, and the assurance of an experienced design professional, you can commit with confidence that you won’t end up with tile that is dated, trendy and in the wrong era.

Considering your style and the key elements of your home that light you up, tile selections based on color, shape, scale and proportion are developed in a way that is classic to the style and era of your home and a bit unexpected and unpredictable for timeless appeal.

The market place is filled with beautiful tile, glazes, shapes and textures that add another layer to the communication style of your expression and your home. Tile is grounding and provides surface interest strategically placed in many room settings from kitchen back splashes to fireplace surrounds. Who can question the added value and beauty of a tiled bathroom.  A luxurious design statement that adds value to your home and personal ritual experience.

I will help you navigate the overwhelming volume of options out there. Trendy tile is abundant, classic style is subjective to many details and historical accuracy with a new perspective is my approach. It lends a fresh new look to a classic application. So if your home was built in 1890, 1930, 1950, or 2010, we can find the tile that works for you and will be a timeless treasure for years to come.

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