SOS Drapery Rescue Sessions for Interior Designers

You just landed a great project and the client wants window treatments!

Now you are thinking to yourself…. 
“Eeek, what do I do? I haven’t done window treatments before and I have no idea where to start” (or maybe, you have and you know you could do better.)
Window Coverings can be intimidating. If they weren’t the first thing I learned in the realm of interior design and furnishings, I wouldn’t be here, right now, sharing this with you. 

Workrooms can be helpful, but some just don’t have the time to hold your hand as you learn the ropes, others will help you and ‘train’ you, but their prices come at a premium. How do you even find the best workroom for yours and your clients needs?
Drapery hardware, well, the mention of it just made your heart drop into your stomach didn’t it? Maybe fabric selections have you overwhelmed? There are so many options, how do you know which are suitable for the style you are thinking of?  
Then you realize, the style your thinking of, maybe isn’t even the best one… I mean, what are the options? Many people don’t like window dressings, because they haven’t been exposed to the world of custom.

Window Dressings are the ultimate luxury in self expression at home. Like a couture gown, every detail is bespoke. 
Don’t your clients deserve that? 
Doesn’t your brand demand it? 

With a love of fabrics, color, design and sewing, I found myself working at a premier, Trade Only drapery workroom here in Minneapolis, as I was finishing up college.

Literally, I did find myself. I saw that I could help others design better. They trusted me and sought out my opinions and critique.  I also found that I loved to design myself and jumped into the interior design industry as an independent. I have been ever since.  When fabric showroom reps needed window coverings for themselves, they called me to design and specify. It still amazes me when I am chatting with someone and they ask my background, they respond to me with “Oh, you’re that Shelly?!”

Throughout my career, designers have told me, “I want to know what you know.”

Well now you can. You can have access to my knowledge and expertise and methods for designing window treatments.  Workrooms can help you, but they really don’t have time to train their clients, unless they are charging a premium for their labor. Schools aren’t teaching this practical, real world drapery knowledge. You need experiential practice, this is how you gain confidence in your abilities. The only measurable result is a happy client. My clients are always thrilled with my window treatments. Now yours can be thrilled with your window coverings, too!

You can purchase a 90 minute SOS Drapery Rescue Session, or two or three.

These sessions are Q & A, answering your immediate questions and developing a strategy to help you get designing the perfect window dressings for your clients and their windows, right now, in real time. 

Sessions are focused around the three areas to practice for window covering success. Choose the topics that fit your needs, in the moment, mix and match. The sessions are designed to meet your needs and structured as design and workroom support.

  1. Product Knowledge- Fabrics, Hardware & Style
  2. Communications-Workroom and Client setting expectations and clarity
  3. Policies, Procedures and Practices- Going Pro and other useful tips

When I started working with Shelly, I had very little knowledge of draperies. I knew I needed a workroom, but didn’t know what to look for in one or even how to approach working with one. After a few brief meetings with her, I can now discuss a new project with a workroom with confidence! The time with her was well worth my investment.

Marsha Thrift

For Life Interiors, LLC, Franklin, WI

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