This website is a tribute to the clients that I have worked with. I have loved working with each and every one of them, regardless of the size of the project, or the duration.

It has been through my experience with each of them, that I have been able to practice something that I love. I can not imagine not doing it.

In the process, each of them, has learned something about themselves, I have had the honor and privelege of learning something about each of them; and I have had an opportunity to learn something about myself.

The most sacred experience I get from each and every one, is trust.

Trust is the truest honor a client can give whatever type of professional they are working with. Be it a Doctor, an Accountant, a Lawyer. I realize, trust is not something someone automatically has. Trust is not something that we as human beings give freely to one another.

To have the experience of being trusted is a sacred responsibilty. One not to be taken lightly. New relationships are delicate because there is a time of learning each others communication style. After the first success, there is a building of trust and some may see it as a sort of dependancy. But it is not dependancy. It is a learning curve.

My clients come to know very early, that any question they may ask of my design concepts and direction will be answered with the things on their desire list, which was set forth at our first meeting and a design critique.

So, to all of my clients, thank you for your trust. To all of my new clients, I look forward to acquiring your trust.

The experiences we have are priceless, the results of our efforts, the crown jewel.