Flemish Giant RabbitSome people have a soft spot for animals, taking in a stray, caring for the needs of a pet… I am a sucker for a cute face and my heart goes out to furry friends in need.

Here is a secret, I am the same way with old furniture. Someone once loved these pieces, cared for them, treasured them, lived their daily lives with the support of them.

When the steward is no longer with us, some may see it is Grandma’s old junk, or maybe there is just no where else to go with it, no room, no storage, no transport from point A to point B.

The week before last, it was rainy and cool and there were a pair sadly waiting at the end of a driveway in the country. A dining table, with beautifully shaped classic style legs, but mid-century in shape and expression. The legs are mid-century, an arc with a very deco feel. A small metal band finishes the bottom of each leg. My heart twinged every time I drove by on the rainy days to the library.

Then Friday night, in the car with my parents and their neighbors, someone commented on the table, how different it was and interesting. I said, I had been eying it all week, as the finish was becoming saturated by the steady rain.

When we returned from our dinner, we stopped, I jumped out and quickly perused the items. The table and a small sewing cabinet (the second item in the pair of furnishings) were puddled and wet, the table top finish had all but flaked off as it dried and soaked through a week of rain.


Surprisingly my dad didn’t hesitate when mom mentioned to go and get the table for me to bring to the shed. I am apprehensive about this, as I have many other orphans and strays in storage, waiting for TLC. But, he agreed, we loaded up the table.  I had to leave the sewing cabinet behind.. it isn’t there anymore, perhaps some other kind soul rescued it and will give it a good home or a new purpose in life.

I have been thinking of this all week, what to do with the table, do I keep it or sell it? I am transition with living quarters right now and my other belongings are in storage. I have some furnishings I will need to replace, a dining table NOT being among them. But, work space is premium for a creative…..

Friday morning,  I convinced my mom, she and I NEEDED to go into Buffalo and check out the colors of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint.

I had some ideas for paint finishes, but really wanted to explore Miss Mustard Seed’s European palette… I am NOT disappointed.

The color I selected is Layla’s Mint. I will add a white wax finish to the peice when done. It may go up for sale, it may be kept for my next space… which I have my eye on something delightful in Stillwater.. I have NO idea how it will work out at this point, but I am more than willing to align with my soul’s desire, should that be the place to thrive.

The legs of the table, those metal bands, I may leaf them, not sure if silver or gold, either would be nice with the cool cucumber green of the milk paint. I won’t know until I get there.. I am just letting the whole process speak to me.IMG_6923

It is great when I know what to expect and just follow the moment to maximize on the essence of what will be. No conscious manipulation and strategic orchestration. That is what I do in my job, for clients… for my own creative pleasure… follow the path and be pleasantly surprised.

The visions are clear, I look at options, I look at preferences and see which want to be paired with which. There is always another opportunity. 


In storage, there are two chairs, very old, from my maternal grandfathers side of the family, apparently the only peices my grandfather recieved from his family of origin. My grandmother had my sister and I paint them gray, with a high gloss milk paint when we were younger, they crackled beautifully, but were pretty chippy and in poor finish when my uncle passed twenty some years ago. They are now in my care and I have painted them the brightest, high gloss tourquiose I could find.. they are ready for another freshening up, but the color is cool and brilliant and maybe lovely with this mid-century table, in fresh mint green. (Ah, darn, I thought I had a photo of them, they are quite charming and brilliantly fun!)

The next steps are to find all of the materials. A good wire brush, to abrade the finish on the legs and remove the flaking finsih from the table top. Find a vacuum to remove the dust. A whisk to mix the powder pigment with water, to a cream consistency and a good brush to evenly coat the table.

Miss Mustard Seed’s paint is non toxic and no VOC’s. I am excited to try the tecnique and have a few other patient pieces waiting for the creative brush to bring them back to life, for my home, or another loving gaurdian.

Miss Mustard Seed’s Paint colors are a limited palette, but quite lovely, after this, mixing up the pigments for custom colors may be something to explore…

Oh, the fun to be had. Color is cathartic for me. It releases tension and negative energy and it brings into my being a new vitality for what is to come. This is how I use color, for myself and others. Some know it, but many aren’t aware of the powerful magic and science behind a hue. Every color has a frequency, it is synomous with an emotion. It is different for everyone and has a lot to do with your perception of life.

A color perscription for one, is not going to have the same impact on another, nor is the dosage going to be the same. It is an individual process and it is specific to right now, in the moment. Where you are and where you want to go. Not sure? Just start where you are, working with color, can help reveal the direction of your soul.

This is what a blog post looks like when it is written on the fly… in the moment, missing photos, goofy layouts, but, the message is what I need to get out.. the time is now, the polish comes later… you are in the midst of transformation… Part two to follow….