The creative process, is much like an awakening. As human beings, we have an innate ability to create. It comes naturally, it is our divine nature flowing through us. Some are more aware of this ability than others. At some point there is a realization that something is going on, there is a curiosity of what that process is? How do we achieve the results we envisioned? The next awareness happens and it occurs that it is possible to envision anything and a quest begins, seeking the ability to create it.

Regardless of the level of awareness, the talent is native to a specific area of life. For some it may be music, it may be writing, it may be the visual arts. These are the obvious ones. There are more areas of creativity, cooking, business, commerce, speaking, problem solving, the list goes on. Any area of life could be where your creative start point originates from- the source of your personal creative well. What is your creative source?

For me, it originates in the visual arts. I have made it my life’s work to explore and discover the realm of creativity, specifically in the visual arts. I am in the process of recognizing and applying the skills and experience learned to other areas of my life. Thus creating my life by design. I use my knowledge of design as a sort of blueprint to create solutions and new realities in the other areas of my life. I am now realizing that creating new realities for myself, (some call it practicing the law of attraction) I minimize the need to create solutions in my life. My life is not a series of problems, rather a scenario of opportunity.

On my journey, I have met many people who have said, “I want to know what you know!”  It takes an investment of time, money, focus and the ability to know when to listen to myself and when to listen to another. On the flip side, there is a confidence that I experience in no other area of my life to this degree. I have had the opportunity to critique and enhance the work of some of the finest designers in Minneapolis. It was important that I  know what I was talking about and they came to rely on me for this feedback. It is my personal quest to apply that confidence to all areas of my life.

What is your personal quest? What would you like to explore creatively?