Luminosity of the soulEveryone has a style. It is unique to each of us. 

Some are able to never give it a second thought, their style comes out crystal clear and expressive. Those are the styles that come from within, the ones that can not be duplicated.

Others struggle with their own style, like a hummingbird, flitting from one trend to another, only capturing fads, like shiny sparkly objects to distract from finding the real person inside.

As we grow, our style evolves as our perspectives and relationships to the world change. Sometimes, we struggle with being our selves. Why?

Because we ourselves are not static, we are always changing and we sometimes don’t know what we are changing into.

Style, trend and fad are things that serve a purpose, they help us to evolve gracefully maintain a consistency to our expression.

A fad is a short lived, new twist on an old idea. Let’s face it, it has all been done before.

A trend is a collective following of fads and has a certain longevity. Trends are those fads that became developed and adopted by larger groups or followings. Trends come and go, and are a reflection of values and beleifs when reviewed historically.

Color is a great example of fads and trends. The color of the year is the color that is trending right now… the vibration reflects and amplifies the frequency of the collective. What we think, believe and value can be summed up by a color or a combination of color throughout history. But that, my friend, is another story, one in which I will not forget to tell you. (insert link here)

Back to trends and the development of a style. If a trend is reflecting the values and beliefs of the collective, then style is the inherent vibration that resonates with an individual. Apparel is the perfect industry to illuminate this principle. (This is a Shelly Principle, based on my own experience and observation of design applied in various areas and industries)

We have all heard of body types, we have, most of us heard of ‘having our colors’ done. These are based on core principles of finding YOUR style.

There really is something to these things. Our body type, hair and eye color, skin tone, height and weight, all impact what looks and more importantly FEELS good when we wear it. It is the feeling good that gives us a clue to our inherent style. Paying attention to the subtle things, like posture, body language, and the eyes, they light up when we find something that connects to our soul.

Style shows up in every area of our life. It is our STYLE OF SELF EXPRESSION that is unique to each of us. As we grow and let go, shedding what we have outgrown and is no longer an expression of ourselves is essential to maintaining a healthy flow of life force energy and well being.






Like the cicada, emerging from the ground, tattered, gray and laden with the burden of an appearance that is clearly tired and ill fitting, he sheds his outer shell and emerges a beautiful bug. His wings are the green of new life, his eyes are purple and reflect his divine calling to sing the songs of late summer. The rest of his body, integrates into the safety of his surroundings, where he is protected from predators.






It is interesting how our comfort level with our core expression can relfect how far we have gotten off the mark with ourselves.

Our preferences and desires when influenced from within, rather than comparison from without, we can see the gap that needs to be filled for alignement with our true self expression, the experience of the soul.

Our homes are reflections and extensions of ourselves. We are stewards of the buildings and environments that house the collection of possessions we utilize to express our selves.

It is imparitive to maintain the flow and breathability of our homes, energetically, to maintain an environment of rejuvenation and growth.


When a person flits from fad to fad, and follows every trend, or ‘likes to change things often’ they are distracted from their true self. They aren’t in tune with who they really are and what they really want to express. They desparately want to fit in. They feel they don’t quite belong.

This is a human phenomenon and one which each of us experiences, the difference, is what we do with this.

We can choose to follow, or we can choose to be ourselves, to do and be what works and is our true expression, the ultimate in being.  And trust that we have a valuable place in the world. We have a purpose of our own creation, for our own selves. A purpose, that when we are aligned with that purpose, we are a gift to others. Showing the way and granting permisison to be your own true self.

I am on a journey to get back to my true self again. I have been there. I know my core expression and I am not comfortable in those iconic colors and silhouettes that is me, my brand. The next steps are to identify which of those were a transition expression and which are the true me. It is easier for me to see the truth in others than in myself. From the inside out, there is a lot that is hidden. From the outside in, only those elements that shine the brightest, the truest reflections are revealed and very little can keep the illuminosity of ones soul hidden from the world. It is far easier to hide it from ourselves.

I know how to do this. It has been a part of my professional service since 16. A talent that developed into a skill. Now it is time to apply it to myself. The best way for me to do that, is to help you.