The Top 3 Design Myths and their impact on Resale Value

Myth #1 Paint one neutral color in your home


  • Gray, beige, and white (aka, the neutrals that come to mind) are the most stressful palette to live and work in.


  • There is not enough visual stimulation to keep our minds, bodies and emotions moving fluidly throughout our daily tasks.

What to do

  • Choose colors that enhance the activities and tasks performed in the room.
  • Choose colors that minimize the shadows, be careful of too light or too dark.
  • Choose a palette that includes a variation of a popular color in the era the home was built, combined with something different than an original pairing.

Philosophy-What you don’t know you don’t Know
Color impacts mood, physiology and brain function. Choosing color that is and the correct intensity for the space and function of the tasks to be carried out in that space will appeal to the natural balance within. Color preferences are less of an objection when the universal language of color is present. (yes, it IS a thing) Want to know more?

Myth #2 Updating your home will make it more appealing to your buyer, such as, a kitchen or bath remodel will give you the best return on your investment.

Photo by Shelly Isaacson, Interior Designer

If your home is in good condition and the original features and characteristics have been maintained, updating will devalue your home.

Updating your home, often means inserting todays current trend, which, while it is the hot thing right now, it won’t be when the next new hot thing shows up.

What to do

  • What are is the least investment with the biggest impact. It might be more than just paint and new counter tops, but it most likely won’t require a complete gut and start over.
  • Understand the characteristics that were original to your home.
  • Avoid trying to make it look like new construction, it isn’t.

The Philosophy-What you don’t know you don’t know
Understanding trend cycles, (what influences and the values the trend represents) are essential to knowing what to keep and what to change. When everyone else is stripping character from their homes, to appeal to more buyers, your home’s original details, done right will be the desirable home on the block. Want more info?

Myth #3 You want your home to appeal to a large number of people.

Niche your home’s style. Only ONE person or family is going to buy your home. It doesn’t matter if 100’s look at it and like it, only one of them is going to be able to buy it. And their taste and preferences, very likely, are not going to be you. Because, well, you’re moving to something different, right? Either way, your homes style belongs to the home, not to you. If your preferences have shifted or changed, a new homeowner will appreciate and further improve on the originality of the home.

When there are 4 houses on your block that have the same gray walls, white kitchen and any characteristics that were popular when your home WAS new construction are gone, it is disheartening to many potential buyers. (So many people complain that homes aren’t built like they used to be, characteristic and quality, yet that is the first thing that gets torn out when people want to ‘update’. ) What will differentiate yours from the other 3? PRICE. Guess which one is going to sell first? So much for getting the most for your investment. The least expensive of the same thing will sell first.

What to do

  • A memorable home stays top of mind and becomes the standard of comparison, because there is something to compare, it is something no one else is doing.
  • A personable space is not a personal space, but it should look like someone lives here and is happy, living life. Enough personality, that is easy for people to imagine themselves moving into.
  • Showcase the potential. Accent the details that are unique to the home, neighborhood, era. The thing(s) that stand out are the things that will make the home memorable. Need help with which things?

Philosophy- What you don’t know you don’t know

Make your home memorable, desirable and livable and it is ready to sell anytime.

Access the wisdom within the walls of your home. Leverage the potential the values of style provide in appealing to the next owner.

Set your home apart from the rest, seamlessly integrating the original appeal with refreshed and complimentary enhancements.

How to do this requires and understanding of design, history, society, values and lifestyle trends and cycles. This level of wisdom comes from experience and focused study.

Work with me. I specialize in what makes a house a home. I will help you understands the person that will fall in love with your home, and what THEY are looking for. If done well, more than one person or family will want your home and you might even get more for it! (Several of my clients have experienced this, regardless of the market, their home sold faster and for more than listed because it was so spot on for the buyer, it is possible, this could happen for you!)

Let’s chat.

My passion and dedication to making homes the best they can be for the people who love them is why I do what I do.

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