The next few posts will be dedicated to the Do-It-Yourselfer’s out there. Many people choose to take on a home renovation project and do it themselves for a variety of reasons. In this post, let’s look at what appear to be the top 5 reasons people choose to do a project themselves. In the next few posts, I will cover the top 5 most common mistakes Do-It-Yourself encounters and then the final post of the series Top 5 things to ensure a successful Do-It-Yourself project.

Let’s get started.

The top 5 reasons why people want to do a project themselves, based on my encounters in the world of retail and Interior Design are: (drumroll here)

5. Knowing exactly what they want and how to do it

4. They want the experience of ‘doing-it-themselves

3. They want to be ‘in-control’ of the project

2. They want a space that is their creative expression

1. They want to save money


The fifth reason, this person knows exactly what they want and usually have a background and experience in similar projects.  They tend to be perfectionists and very detail oriented. Easily adjusting focus from the big picture to the smallest detail. They are a visionary and and artist.

The experience of doing a project themselves is an empowering and creative experience. This person is confident in their abilities and like the person focused on reason number five, they know what they want. They embrace the opportunity to hone their skills.

Being in control of the project is an essential part of the process. This person knows their budget. They know how much they have to spend and how much time they want the project to take. They know what they want and they have the skills to make it work.

Self expression is the source of style, one’s own personal style. It is the mark of individuality. A person who is focused on self expression is clear on their vision. They know what they like and what they don’t. They make their selections based on preference. They have an uncanny ability to put things together in a balanced and proportionate way that expresses the intent of the space clearly.

Saving money, the number one reason people will give for doing a project themselves. This person has done their research. They know what they want and they have access to getting the best price on it. They have a very clear understanding of the goals and objectives of the project and how to go about getting it done, quality work and materials for a low price.

All of these are great reasons to take on a project yourself. Each reasoning is a key objective of any project. For best results, prioritize this reasoning for yourself before you begin anything. When you have a clear idea of what you want to experience from doing the project yourself, you will know how to structure your research and implementation phases. Success is imminent when your objectives for your personal experience are clearly defined. Keep it fun!

What are some of the reasons you choose to take on a project and do it yourself?  What are your challenges, obstacles and fears around doing a project yourself? How do you rank the top 5? Did I get the order of reasoning accurate? I would love to do a follow up post and share the findings!