Sales, it is a word that conjures images of plaid suits, cigars and lemon-y cars! Yet it is an essential part of making a living in our society. But does it have to be reduced to the sole activity of exchanging money for goods or services? Goods, maybe, that is basic, this item, costs that much. But service…. that is an experience!

It is important for me to understand the person I am working with. I want to know who you are. What is important to you? It isn’t that I want you to feel a certain way, only you can make that happen. I am interested in how you live, how you make your choices, what are your values, what is important to you? What are your dreams? What experiences do want to have? What experiences do you cherish? I want to empower you and have you experience the beauty around you, to understand the components that make up your life. To realize you put them there by choice, either consciously or unconsciously. They are there, for you to look at and be reminded of who you are, what you want and what you may not be willing to address.

Yeah, that last part, that is the one that grabbed you. What do you mean by that? Well, what are you putting up with in your life because doing something different would be unfamiliar, a bit scary and you can’t imagine what that would be like?

Our surroundings and environment are what ground us. We all have heard that all matter is energy, it is a vibration, a frequency. Every color, texture, shape and item in your house resonates with a frequency. You have adjusted your own frequency to be able to live with these surroundings. It keeps you grounded, comfortable and lots of times… stuck!

If you have ever watched water move, it flows around obstacles or goes over, eventually eroding the surface to the clearest path. Water cannot be stopped. It has a power that is seen and has been utilized for thousands of years. Think of water as a visible form of energy. Energy in a liquid state; if you will indulge me for a moment. Imagine, air, wind, as a similar energy. Actual energy is all around us, and we don’t see it, we can feel it, some of us are so sensitive, we can feel changes in the frequency and vibration around us.. it may be important to ground the energy in some areas and to stimulate the flow of energy in other areas. Much like acupuncture does through the placement of needles in the body.

I assist you in finding out where you are stuck and how to stimulate your self through your surroundings. It is all about you. It is about you having a life of beauty, comfort, joy and happiness. Not because you have ‘stuff’. Because the ‘stuff’ you do have, serves a purpose. It reminds you of something that will bring a smile to your face, a memory to your heart and a dream a little bit closer.

For me it is less about making the sale and more about enhancing your life.