I recently spoke with a woman about design services today. After explaining my hourly rate and the design process, she shared with me the experience she had with a previous designer. Apparently, this designer, wanted to do things his way. He had specific things he wanted to do and the customer was not happy with the suggestions. They paid him and didn’t get what they wanted.

This is extremely unfortunate. As an interior designer, we are trained and educated in the aesthetics and functions of creating a space or environment that works for its inhabitants. It is through our experience we can lead our clients on successful and enjoyable design adventures. It isn’t about being right, or dominating the project.

Being a visionary and a leader means listening very closely and very carefully to the wants and desires of the client. If they want pink and orange, it is the designer’s job to make it work. To balance the elements and principles of design to make it work.. For the client and their guests to understand the message of the space and respect the unique expression of the owner. That is the role of an interior designer.

If a designer wants to do their own thing, the venue is not in their clients home! Ideas and concepts can be introduced and utilized in the clients space, if the project warrants it.   Know they type of project you want and detach from it. Allow the law of attraction to work, when the right client shows up that wants the very thing you want to explore, you have a  willing partner. If not, find out what the client does want and determine if you are the person to assist them in creating their dream.  As a designer, being unattached to your ideas allows you to guide the client along the path they wish to tread.