Design that is inspired by you.

My clients provide me with the opportunities to practice my passion.

I see the world in a unique way. I connect with people and things different than the mainstream. I understand and can appreciate both sides of an issue. I observe. I gather information before forming my opinions. When it comes to design, I trust my intuition completely. My studies and experiences have shown me time and again, the intuitive process works for me. However, it doesn’t stop there.

For me the practice of design is listening to what is being said and what is NOT being said. I take in and gather this information. There is no judgement of this information, because for me there is no context for the information. This detachment on my part allows my intuition to guide me. It shows me, often times in a visual image in my mind, the solution.

My skill, is the ability to remain detached from the vision, focus on it and communicate it effectively to the people who will execute it and the people who will live with it.

It is the ultimate experience for me in creating. The ability to visualize and bring into reality the image that has been divinely inspired.

Every detail is reviewed in the vision. The relationships to everything that influences and touches each detail is explored and choices are made accordingly. It is living design.