For the past 25 years, I have been practicing interior design from my home. My reasons for doing this? To keep my costs down and to limit my investments in products. I have focused more on the service aspect of design, rather than sales.

By keeping my costs down, I can keep your costs down. The experience is important to me, the compensation allows me to continue to provide the service.

There are new products being developed all of the time. Investing in samples and programs, ties up resources that are better used finding YOU the perfect solution for right now and years to come.

Products that I believe in, product that I know will meet the performance requirements and create beautiful environments for you, my clients. Products that express to the world not only who you are, but who you are becoming. My focus is not on sales. It isn’t about the sales, it is about the service.  My business investment is development of my product knowledge, to educate myself and learn everything possible about a product. How it is manufactured, installed, performance, price points, value and options.

Talking to manufacturers, reps, installers and others who have used the product is essential to a well rounded understanding of product information.  What have their experiences been? Does it meet the manufacturer’s claims? How easy it is to maintain?  Sharing accurate and valid information, having you satisfied with your experience, is important. You will be informed of not only the benefits of a specific product, but the disadvantages and challenges others have faced with it as well. What I want for you is that you are confident in your selections and realistic in your expectations.

What I am selling is my design knowledge and experience. How does this product interact not only physically, but visually with the other elements of the space. Is there a comfortable balance in the space? Is it too dark, too light? Is the texture appropriate? Is the material appropriate to the environment?

There isn’t a great deal of sampling inventory to lose, there is no physical location to go belly up, what I do have to lose?  The ability to experience my investment in myself. Design, creating with others.  There isn’t a monetary value that I can place on the experience.  Without the experience of being creative and being useful to others, my reputation, my character and my identity are at risk.  Money comes and it goes, you have it or you don’t. Who you are to others, that is where the value lives. Knowing that I have impacted the lifestyle of another, in a positive and empowering way, that is success!

What is important to you in a design project? Is it working with a knowledgable professional?  Is design knowledge as important to you as product knowledge? How do you allocate value to a product? How do you allocate value to a service?